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Practical Knowledge Skills

Robotics Skills

Robotics is an inevitable preparation for Next Electronic Century. It supports an innovative and creative approach to teaching and learning.

The primary vision of this is to enhance the students with mechanical, electronics and crafts basic skills with the flow of simple projects based on our day to day environment. We also teach basic algorithm for automation projects like traffic patterns, bomb detecting robot, line tracing concept, basic car assembly etc. We also have collaboration with the top automation companies in the country. Our teachers are trained by the best in this industry. The students are facilitated by the advanced solving kits, DIY ( Do it Yourself ) components. To showcase their skills, they are taken to various competition thrice a year to different schools and workshops.

CK school started Robotics in 2013 . Every week students from 4th std to 9th std have robotics classes. It provides students with opportunities to question , think about , and create technological tools, rather than just becoming passive uses of technology. It helps to enhance the key skills of thinking , using language, symbols and text , managing self , relating to others, team work etc.

By going through the process of building a robot in the classroom, students explore many different learning pathways. It’s amazing to watch students’ passions grow in subjects that they never knew they would love. Robotics markets are evolving quickly and robotics will be a key source of competitive advantage and a means for tackling societal challenges and to excel in STEM.